[rescue] Looking to buy Pan/tilt/zoom cameras (Sony EVI-D30, etc) and TBC

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Oct 13 14:15:33 CDT 2010

Hello everyone,

   Since I know some of you do the auction circuits.... our hacker space is 
working to setup the ability to do video recording of meetings to put 

   I'm interested in buying 3 of the Sony EVI-D30 cameras, or something 
similar. They are pan tilt zoom cameras (based on camcorder guts) that 
have a RS232 control that lets you define preset positions and control 
them remotely. There is a bunch of similar units out there. I've got some 
watches on ebay (Sony D100 and D30s mostly.)

   I'm also scavaging for a few time base correctors, hopefully ones with 
some sort of LCD display on the front.

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