[rescue] any need/interest in Rambus DRAM?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Oct 13 09:20:05 CDT 2010

>> But 937 is Ohio.
> Oh come one, this is the internet age. :-)

Sure.  But even today, there's a moderately strong correlation between
a phone number's location and its holder's location, if only because
local calling areas are still smaller than the whole NANP.

I work for, among others, a Montreal company that does VoI.  Most of
our customers are Montreal-local, but some aren't; the correlation
between customer location and number location is...not quite perfect,
but very strong.

A Canadian entity having an Ohio number is not that surprising.  A
Canadian entity having nothing but an Ohio number would be - and the
only phone number given was that 937 one.

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