[rescue] SGI Goodies...

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Mon Oct 11 23:44:13 CDT 2010


Ok.. maybe we can work something out then.  Maybe on a Sunday in a couple of
weeks we could meet halfway?

JP - Since Dan is willing to wait a few weeks, I think we can get this done
- so thank you for the offer!!  I'll take you up on your offer - if you want
to get rid of a couple machines at once I can do that as well - as I'm
finding out - these compression connectors can be quite flaky and it would
be nice to have a few spares just in case.

As not to take up list bandwidth I'll keep the details of these trades
off-list - just wanted to reply on list to catch both of you guys at once.
Thanks again!

- Chris

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