[rescue] SGI Goodies...

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Mon Oct 11 10:45:16 CDT 2010

In article <AANLkTikgQs85w=KBUjNt+CpY88nNSdoqQG4Ue4XHz0EC at mail.gmail.com>,
    Christopher Purdy <escher2 at chartermi.net> writes:

> Theres also an Onyx 2 that I was offered - but it lives in CA, way to far to
> be possible... Ohh to be in college again and be able to up and leave on a
> road trip!!

I can rescue that into my computer graphics history museum in Salt
Lake City if the person who offers it would like to email me.  Freight
shipping is usually not a problem.
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