[rescue] FW: Voyager framebuffer?

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Thu Oct 7 13:08:47 CDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 01:02:28PM -0500, Bob wrote:
>   My pack is totally dead, won't even take any charge.  Darn thing is
>   "welded" shut and has refused to open neatly with all my attempts.

I've had good luck with ham radio packs that were ultrasonicly welded together
by sealing them in a plastic bag and then cooling them down to 0F (a regular 
home freezer at 10F, won't really do the job AFAIK). 

You take them out of the freezer, whack them on a concrete or stone step until
the welds fracture and then put them back in the bag until they reach room 

There are also places on the internet that say they can replace the cells
in almost anything. It might be worth looking them up and asking. I've 
never done it because the cost of shipping and customs duty on the repair
is often more than the pack is worth. If you are local, it may not be.


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