[rescue] FW: Voyager framebuffer?

Bob rjtoegel at verizon.net
Thu Oct 7 13:02:28 CDT 2010

   Yeah, I have the same problems with hard drive space.  I did manage to
   get a 1.2 gig one but haven't put it in yet.  It still works fine but
   no room for any sizable software on its tiny drive.
    I always wanted to put the "adapter" in but never really following
   through in getting one.  I've seen some things on eBay but not sure if
   they are the "correct" ones for this purpose (seem to be just connector
   adapters but I could be wrong).

   My pack is totally dead, won't even take any charge.  Darn thing is
   "welded" shut and has refused to open neatly with all my attempts.

   As far as the video, I just thought it might be cheaper for them to do
   that and easier to upgrade to color.

   Oct 7, 2010 01:00:44 AM, rescue at sunhelp.org wrote:

     >> Maybe they used a color board but a monochrome screen.
     >I think the Voyager displays are too tightly integrated for that to
     >> A future project is to get a bigger hard drive in it.
     >Mine came my way with a fairly small disk (under a gig). It doesn't
     >have room for a more-than-laptop-sized disk, and laptop form-factor
     >drives with SCSI interfaces seem to basically not exist above about
     >or 1.3 gig. I now have an IDE laptop drive with a piggyback
     >adapter in it:
     >sd0 at scsibus0 targ 3 lun 0: SCSI2 0/direct
     >sd0: 4126 MB, 8944 cyl, 15 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 8452080
     >I don't recall where I got the adapter; I can probably dig that
     >information up if anyone cares.
     >I've got a battery pack, but it won't hold a charge. At all. If you
     >find out anything that would let me change that, I'd love to hear.
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