[rescue] FW: Voyager framebuffer?

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Tue Oct 5 22:54:43 CDT 2010

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> On 10/05/2010 05:56 PM, Ian King wrote:
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> > I'm new to this list, too.  :-)  A member on the below list suggested
> I
> > forward my question here.  Thanks for any enlightenment you can
> offer.  (Yes,
> > I've searched the archives.)  -- Ian
> If memory serves, the Sun Voyager came in two configurations:
> Monochrome (bw2?)
> Color (cg6) Sun part # 501-2393

Mine is monochrome, and the sbus probe in OpenBoot shows it as a bwthree.
> I seem to recall that the cg6 in the SS240 was a bit odd, but NetBSD
> should work on it. There was a Solaris package of "Voyager drivers" in
> Solaris 8 and older, called SUNWvygdr.m but I couldn't tell you if
> there
> was a framebuffer driver in there or not. Solaris 8 was the last
> supported OS for that hardware.

I found SUNWvygdr.m on the Solaris 2.6 CDROM, but it doesn't appear to include
any of the framebuffer drivers, only audio stuff (guessing from the

It seems that most things in the Voyager are a bit odd.  :-)
> hth,
> ~spot (who desperately wants a working Voyager for his collection)

Are there really that few of these in the wild?  I saw one on eBay -
non-working, without a keyboard or mouse, for $500 (!).

Thanks, I appreciate the reply.  -- Ian

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