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I'm new to this list, too.  :-)  A member on the below list suggested I
forward my question here.  Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer.  (Yes,
I've searched the archives.)  -- Ian

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Hello all,

I'm new to the list.  I have a working Sparcstation Voyager, but I did not get
the original distribution disk with it.  When I originally got the machine, it
had a NetBSD install (as well as a broken backlight and a bad NVRAM chip,
which I've replaced).  That didn't provide the GUI, so I tried installing
Solaris 2.6 - which didn't do it either.  (I also tried reinstalling NetBSD.)
Under both operating systems, at boot I get a message about "can't find the
framebuffer."  OpenBoot tells me that the video hardware is 'bwthree' and the
closest name I can find on the 2.6 install media is bwtwo.  As an experiment,
I tried renaming bwtwo to bwthree and placing it in the
/platform/sun4m/kernel/drv directory - no go, same error message.

My first choice would be to install the original software on the machine, if
it exists anywhere.  It would, of course, be wonderful to find the original
installation media, but I don't mind having to piece together a system.  Does
anyone have any guidance for me?  Thanks -- Ian

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