[rescue] Using a Fire V240 as a desktop...

James C james at frantech.ca
Tue Nov 30 15:32:42 CST 2010

On 11/30/2010 01:31 PM, Caleb Cupples wrote:
> I admit, I cheated when I did it.. I had a USB Type 6 hooked up to the
> server, and had my laptop (which doesn't have a serial port) SSHed
> into the Linux-based Dell I had hooked into the V240. I ran Minicom
> over SSH, waited for the boot tests to finish, and then hit Stop-A on
> the Type 6. If I didn't have the Type 6, I would've had to throw the
> V240 into maintenance mode, wait for all the testing to complete, and
> then when the ok>  prompt came up, fix things that way.
As far as I know, minicom's break acts just like Stop-A. You could also 
try screen (screen /dev/ttyS0 on Linux) but I'm not sure how to send a 
break with it.

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