[rescue] VAX 11/750 and Pyramid Technologies machine available in Brisbane, Australia

Nigel Williams nigel.d.williams at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 22:16:52 CST 2010

Via another list for those that might not see it. I can forward the
cellphone pictures I received to anyone who wants to see.

A bit more info that Peter (zzpeter at inbox.com) sent to me:

The Pyramid is about shoulder height.

The pyramid consists of 2 cabinets.
There is one cabinet, with the cpu & a hard drive.
And another cabinet with two hard drives.

Looking over it there are some numbers:
Serial#   006112
Model #   100x
Date Code 0387

I've taken some pictures of the pyramid main cabinet, which I'll

(The second cabinet just has two hard drives - of the same type
 as can be seen in the picure of the main cabinet)

The Vax 11-750 is stored in another place, so I can't easily
take pictures.  From memory it consists of a 3 cabinets
with various drives & they're between waist & shoulder height.

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Hello All!

See below.  Please respond to original sender.

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I have a pyramid technologies computer,
and also a Vax 11/750
(with many manuals, spare circuit boards, cables , monitors,
 tapes and misc parts)... which sadly I am unable to keep
in storage any longer.

Hence I am looking for a person or organisation to donate
them to...

The catch... I am in Brisbane (Australia), do you have a
branch in Australia, or know of any group, or person in
Australia that would be interested in taking care of these



--- EOM

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