[rescue] OpenStep Sparc machines

Mike Shields shieldsm at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 22:57:56 CST 2010

The list posting re: NeXTSTEP reminded me I have some machines I'd
like to move out of my basement. I have a few SparcStation 20's that I
built up as OpenStep machines. I set them all up with an SM71, 256mb
ram (OpenStep won't use more than that), 4 or 8mb VSIMM, and a hard
drive of some sort - some have 8gb, some have 36, etc. A couple have
the funky cdrom, a couple don't. They've all got OpenStep 4.2 all set
up and working, and some additional software (dev tools, Lighthouse
Design apps, etc) preloaded.

It's probably the neatest NeXT/Openstep machine you can really get -
sure, it's not black, but spare parts are a lot easier to come by, and
the Aurora chassis isn't exactly ugly. With the VSIMM, you get 24-bit
color, and the 75mhz SuperSparc chip makes for a snappy machine.

Any interest? I'd certainly entertain offers for more than shipping,
but my goal is really just to get them to people who can appreciate a
prime slice of history, not make money or even recoup time I put into
building them up. If there is interest, I'll type up the detailed
inventory. I'm in 48823.

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