[rescue] Octane won't talk to the outside world...

Caleb Cupples cscupples at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 04:06:22 CST 2010

Okay, since my non-working Ultra 2 was fixed within 10 minutes thanks
to this list, I figured I'd throw another retrocomputing question out
here that's been bugging me since June, and I'm just now coming back
to it. I have a SGI Octane, and it works perfectly well, except that
it refuses to talk to anything outside my local network. It'll talk to
any machine on my network, but if I try and surf to, let's say,
Google, it refuses, and when I try pinging, it responds with "network
unreachable." Again, it'll ping any machine on my local network, with
no problem.

Any suggestions? (Admittedly, I want to get it running so I can claim
the "Most Obscure Machine to Update Facebook and/or Twitter" award,
amongst my local group of fellow nerds.)

C. Scott Cupples
Psychology Undergraduate
Jackson State Community College

Phone: 731.607.0668
Email: cscupples at gmail.com

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