[rescue] WTB: Solaris 2.2 + SPARCstation 10 ($$$$$$)

John Byrd jbyrd at giganticsoftware.com
Mon Nov 15 17:04:47 CST 2010

Sun gods of rescue,

Do any of you have a Solaris 2.2 (SPARC) distribution?  If you have a
copy of 2.2 on an original hard drive or on CD, I'm willing to pay top
dollar for it.

I want to build out a high-end, period-correct SPARCstation 10, circa
1993.  I know there are later distributions of 2.x, but I want the 2.2
distro specifically.

If you actually possess, or can build out, an operational and stable
SPARCstation 10 with Solaris 2.2 preinstalled, you're my new best

Please call or e-mail if you have a line on these items... I promise
to make it worth your time.  Thanks very much for your time and


John Byrd
Gigantic Software
2102 Business Center Drive
Suite 144
Irvine, CA   92612-1001
T: (949) 892-3526 F: (206) 309-0850

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