[rescue] Cleaning out the basement

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sun Nov 14 12:48:13 CST 2010

I'm cleaning out all of my old "lab" because I'm not using it anymore. A lot
of it would be cost prohibitive to ship, so if anyone wants to make a drive to
the scenic rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, it's yours. If it seems
shippable, though, I'll do my best to get it out to you. All of these are for
the prices listed or "best offer".

Sun V240 - Dual 1.4?ghz CPUs, 2G RAM, 2x73.4G HD - $100
Sun Fire 280R - Dual 900MHz CPUs, 4G RAM, 2x 36.4G HD - $50
2x Sun Fire S1 Array - $25 each
2x Sun A5200 - 22x36.4G HDs - $50 each
Sun StorEdge A5100 - 14x36.4 HDs - $25
SPARC StorageArray 114 - 30x4.3G HDs - $20
Cisco Catalyst 1400 with CDDI and FDDI blade - $10
Lucent Portmaster PM2e - $10
Cisco 3640A with NM-2W module, 128m RAM, 32m flash - $50
Cisco 5500 Chassis - $100
  2x power supplies + one spare
  Supervisor III
  2x 3-port Gigabit modules
  1x FDDI module
  1x 24-port EtherChannel module

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