[rescue] gps 'rescue'

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Nov 12 21:36:06 CST 2010

I know this isn't old... but I'm trying to rescue an Omnitech 16878-US 
GPS from
the recycling bin.....

It boots, gives the Go!, Maps, and Setting icons, you can touch any of 
them, get
a click sound, and then... locked up solid.

I applied a 'quick fix' from them, but that didn't fix anything.

I believe that it is more likely the software on the SD card has gotten 

Anybody have one of these ?

Would like to get it working.

It is a WinCE 5.0 based PDA basically (restricted to run the software 
of course).

-- Curt

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