[rescue] Anyone have some 50pin SCSI HDD's lying around?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Nov 8 12:13:11 CST 2010

Quoth Christopher Purdy ...

> Just picked up my new Onyx yesterday (Thanks Dan!!), and the 
> HDD was toast..  I only had a 2 GB 50 pin drive.. anyone have 
> a 9GB or better drive lying around I could snag?  I'm happy 
> to pay shipping plus a couple bucks for your trouble.

Big 50-pin drives were never very numerous, so you might think about getting
appropriate adapters and using SCA drives.  I did that on my Challenge L and
it worked fine.  Big SCA drives are common and cheap.

Is your Onyx a _real_ one, not an Onyx2 or something?  If so, the original
configuration probably had HVD disks.  I don't know about the rack versions,
but on the desksides, there are two "chains" in the drive bay.  By default,
chain A is HVD and used for the disks, while chain B is SE and used for the
CD drive, etc.  Selecting which chain a sled uses is jumper-selectible on
the sled.

I passed my Challenge on to another collector over a year ago, and I hadn't
fired it up in a couple of years even then, so my memories may be


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