[rescue] FS: Quad-Proc Opteron workstation (new sunhelp.org server drive!)

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Nov 7 13:55:10 CST 2010

Monster workstation for sale!

I need to sell this system in order to raise the $300 I need to build the
new ohno.mrbill.net / sunhelp.org server, that I'll be hosting at home
on a business-class connection sometime after the beginning of the year.

I can't host it on *this* system due to the power it draws and the noise;
it's not excessive but I've been trying for near-silent machines at home
for the past few years.

The current colo machine (Sun T1000) is *way* too loud to run at home; once
I get everything moved to the new system I'll be selling the T1000 to pay
for the business broadband connection.

It's currently got Windows 7 on it as I was just fooling around (and had a
system score of 7) but I can reinstall Ubuntu before shipping.  A near
identical system with Opteron 280s is a *really* nice 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10

- Case: Broadway EATX
- PS: 400W ATX from CompUSA/TigerDirect
- Motherboard: Asus K8N-DRE (dual GigE ethernet, etc)
- Processors: Dual Opteron 270 (each dual-core)
- HD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500G SATA
- Optical: LG DVD +/- dual-layer SATA burner
- Video: Zotac GeForce 9500GT 512M PCI-E, with VGA, DVI, and HDMI out
- 8G of RAM installed (eight 1G sticks)

The system has no onboard audio, but any USB audio device should work.
I've been using an Insignia USB speaker bar from eBay.  The ATX backplate
is not installed, due to a bit of tight tolerance between the standoffs 
I used for the motherboard, and the case.

Price: $300 (plus shipping; local pickup also available in Houston).
I'd love to be able to sell it for this, even if it's worth more - as
I just need to raise the money to build the new box and am not interested
in a profit.

Questions, comments, etc are welcome.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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