[rescue] US mirror for DINA, was Re: External SCSI CDROM for SGI?

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sat Nov 6 17:11:18 CDT 2010

I guess I gave a mixed message about using the shiftleft.com site, I 
just didn't know what to expect. Go ahead and use it, I can keep an eye 
on my bandwidth usage and worst case, disable it for a while.

That said, there's also a copy here now: 
http://www.filefactory.com/file/b427dc3/n/DINA1.0.zip  A little 
obnoxious, but free - and they don't exclude '+' from email addresses...

> On 11/06/2010 01:25 PM, gsm at mendelson.com wrote:
>> I'm downloading it now (at 10k bytes a second, yech).

If that's the case, I hope that rate is just because you're going from 
California/Sweden to Israel - somebody pulled at ~9MB/s, and I pulled it 
to my house at 1MB/s, so for some paths it's working well.

>> Assuming it's done by the time I go to bed tomorrow night (24+ 
>> hours), I'll upload it to a
>> filesharing service [...]

Good idea -- I should have thought of that before.

James C wrote:
> Mirrored at http://s11.info/mr/nekochan/DINA/

Groovy, more the better.


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