[rescue] sbus advice

Magnus magnus at yonderway.com
Mon May 31 19:15:01 CDT 2010

Greetings all. I'm hoping to tap into the collective wisdom here to fix my 
machine up right.

I was looking around at the whizbang linux boxes I've been running & 
thinking about how much I missed doing email, chat, etc. pretty much 
everything but my web browser inside of a CLI interface... and how that 
doesn't need much of a computer. So I've spent the last day or two fixing 
up an old Sun Ultra 1 I had laying around in the parts bin. I dug into an 
E250 to bump the memory, and grabbed some Ultra320 disks I had laying 
around to upgrade the storage from the original 4G disk.

I'm more or less satisfied with it, minus the disk performance. The disks 
themselves are pretty nice but the onboard controller on the Ultra 1 
leaves a bit to be desired.

I do have a StorEdge D1000 array in the pile, and it was known to work 
when I put it there. I don't believe I have a cable, terminator, or HVD 
SCSI controller for it. I do have enough known good disks of various 
capacities to just about fill it, though.

OS on the box is OpenBSD, which pretty well supports more of the common 
sbus SCSI adapters out there.

What should I be looking for to upgrade disk performance on this box? 
Really, for what I'm doing, I'm pretty happy with the box otherwise.


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