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Sat May 29 20:44:54 CDT 2010

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> However, any individual rack, or pair, or triplet, etc, should work
> without too much fuss on their own. Right now I've never powered any of
> them on - I used the 220v feed to my A/C for a drop, but never actually
> got around to bringing any of the racks up. That, however, should change,
> with the new building.

I'm in a similar situation.  The warehouse where my collection/museum
is currently stored isn't wired for any significant amount of power.
I'm reluctant to spend money on an electrician to build out
infrastructure on a place I rent, since I know we'll be moving from
there in the next couple of years in favor of a place where we own the
mortgage.  (I share my space with another collector and a computer
recycling non-profit.)
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