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> This is epic.

They had more stuff too, I just didn't bid on those lots.  IIRC, there
was another deskside Onyx and a bunch of Octane/Indigo^2 workstations.

Apparently they'd decomissioned a big SGI installation and auctioned
it all off at once.  The Reality Monster was acquired for $666 :-) and
the other stuff I think I got for minimum bid, like $50 or $100 each.
The one with the most bidding was the lot of spaceballs, probably
because they can be easily packed and shipped.

I decided to drive them back myself because I was concerned about all
the plastic parts on the Reality Monster racks.  I didn't want to
trust it to a shipping company that doesn't give a shit about my

Plus I got to meet Jay West (guy who runs cctalk/classiccmp) in person :-).
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