[rescue] SGI Talk

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Thu May 27 18:23:50 CDT 2010

I have a small stash of SGI gear at my parent's house in Chicago.
I will not be moving all of it to my new home in Seattle.
I should be in the area around August or September if you can wait.
If not I could try to have my parents dig them up and have you pick them up.

I don't know what I'll be parting with (yet), or which will be free or not,
but my Chicago stash is:

* 1x Origin 200
* 1x Onyx XL (needs new system controller)
* 2x Onyx Deskside (one with mint challenge skins)
* 1x Crimson (bad PSU)
* 1x Indy
* 1x Octane
* 1x O2

Additionally, I may be getting rid of some of these non-sgi items:

* 1x Alphaserver ES40
* 3x SparcStation LX
* 1x NeXTCube (remote possibility)
* 2x Mac Plus
* 1x HP 735
* 1x HP 712
* 2x iMac G5s with bad caps

These are in Seattle but some may also be liquidated, some could be brought
to Chicago:

* 3x Indigo2
* 1x MicroVax II
* 2x IBM PC-AT
* 2x Indigo (1 R4k, 1 R10k)
* 1x IBM PowerStation (580?)
* 1x IBM eServer 620
* 1x Mac IIfx
* 1x Mac LC III
* 1x Mac SE
* 6x Assorted 68k PowerBooks

Misc. Boards for all.

Again, I DEFINITELY won't be getting rid of all of this, as it's my entire
collection, but I haven't prioritized yet, and I'm moving again, so some of
this crap has to go.

Yes, there are items like the NeXT and Crimson I will likely want to keep,
but who knows...

People should let me know what they're interested is. The less rare /
interesting crap will likely be free. Open to trades as well, though it kind
of defeats my purpose ;)

  Ian Finder
  (206) 395-MIPS
  ian.finder at gmail.com

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