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Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu May 27 14:21:48 CDT 2010

> I've never seen one in the wild either. I just lucked into it on a
> phone collectors' list a few years back.  It will receive calls but
> can only dial 800 numbers :(  There's a standard modular jack inside
> to hook a phone line up to so you don't have to hack up the wiring.

Interesting. That hurts about the 800 part. Maybe you could fake the 
authentication of the calling card?

> Now you've got me on the trail of a Public Phone 2000, too :)  Here's
> a pic of one for others to enjoy:

Ah! Nice. I did all the looking into this a while ago, and emailed AT&T 
then and then again last night. I think there was a more modern 2000 
(maybe the 2100) that could do email and some other stuff.

> Cool weatherproofed (or at least spillproofed - I doubt these were
> ever mounted outside) keyboard!

Neato. I remember seeing these in a hotel and somewhere else, but the 
screen was full color. I want to say blue background with white text.

I could be totally wrong tho.

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