[rescue] An SGI Visionquest

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Thu May 27 12:24:05 CDT 2010

LOMS? I think the guy had a bunch of animals in his house he didn't clean up

The machine smelled like a meth lab mixed with old cat piss.

I tried everything to air it out and failed. Moving it in stunk up the whole
hallway in my building, and I'm not typically picky about smell.
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On 05/27/10 12:26, Ian Finder wrote:
> Not really-- I remember my Crimson and Onyx being only slightly different
> weight. The onyx has a bit more heft, but it's not nuts.
> Score on getting the Onyx though. Some ass sold me a broken one that
> like crap last year for $200, smelled so bad I had to toss it. (only saw
> photos before it was delivered) He also said it was a 4 CPU 10k RE2, it was
> 2 CPU r4400 VGXT. And half the boards were bad.

Smelled like crap as in LOMS incident, or smelled like crap as in
somebody took a dump inthe case?

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