[rescue] An SGI Visionquest

JP Hindin jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com
Thu May 27 08:44:50 CDT 2010

On Thu, 27 May 2010, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 12:23:14AM -0400, Mike Wilbora wrote:
> > And let the record show: moving a deskside machine of the Onyx
> > magnitude: a 3 man job. :)
> Are the deskside Onyx's really that much heavier than Crimsons?  Because
> all 3 times I moved a Crimson it only required two people.

I moved a racked Onyx10k up a fairly sharp flight of stairs, all boards
removed, but the card cages and SCSI boxes still racked. Took four of us,
an appliance dolly and a notable amount of swearing.
(See picture of stairs)

The stairs don't actually look like that anymore. The next computer I
brought up to my office was an IBM SP/2 and with the frame completely
empty the rack still had to weigh 600lbs. We ended up denting all of the
stair-caps :/
Thankfully my landlord is also my uncle.

Apparently the approximate weight of a fully-laden SP/2 frame is about
2200lbs. I have it sitting on a 3x3 sheet of 3/4" ply in an attempt to
spread the load so it doesn't go through the floor onto the lawyer's desk

Oh, hey, so I'm getting a new building. Who wants to help me move these
back down those stairs? Anyone? Anyone?

 - JP

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