[rescue] An SGI Visionquest

Timothy Baldridge tbaldridge at gmail.com
Thu May 27 08:44:36 CDT 2010

>> Are the deskside Onyx's really that much heavier than Crimsons?  Because
>> all 3 times I moved a Crimson it only required two people.
> Forgot the part about pulling drives out :-)

And then there's the "requires" vs requires bit. I can move, and have
moved, an O2k deskside up/down stairs by myself. So it only requires 1
person. However, the next morning my back reminded me that it really
requires 2. That combined with the fact that I haven't lived in first
floor apartment in 8 years means I no longer have a O2k deskside.

There's someone on Nekochan whos forum sig reads: "If you can lift it
by yourself, I probably don't want it". I love that quote.


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