[rescue] An SGI Visionquest

Mike Wilbora mike.wilbora at gmail.com
Wed May 26 23:23:14 CDT 2010

Hi all,

    So this past weekend, I went to Norfolk to pickup a deskside Onyx
machine to cut my teeth on SGI big iron hardware. After a total of 11
hours in the car, a speeding ticket, and a delicious mushroom & swiss
burger with Ethan at a local watering hole. I have triumphantly
returned home. Unfortunately, my excitement will have to wait, as I am
missing a few items to get this beast going. I am hoping some list
members have some of this stuff lying around: a Onyx power cable
(trying to hook it up to a standard household power setup), some RAM
for the unpopulated memory boards, and a key to actually turn it on.

Thanks to Ethan for the machine, and thanks to Shannon for the help
with moving this. Two very cool dudes.

And let the record show: moving a deskside machine of the Onyx
magnitude: a 3 man job. :)

--Mike Wilbora

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