[rescue] WTB: SGI (MIPS architecture) Systems

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> I am still looking for an IRIS 1400 or 1500, 2000-series non-turbo, 4D/ 
> 60, 4D/70, or 4D/80.

Yeah, I'm completely missing anything in the IRIS line (ha!  I neatly
sidestepped referring to it as a "generation"!), and there are enough
models in the 4D product line that I could accumulate quite a bit more
before having a "complete" range.

At this point, I consider myself lucky that I've been able to obtain
members of the 4D series in all three cabinet configurations (Personal
Iris, deskside and refrigerator size) and one CDC rebranded PI.  The
PIs are pretty rare on ebay and I only lucked out that govliquidation
had the 4D/310 and 4D/480.
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