[rescue] recreating the IBM mini computer experience

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Tue May 25 22:45:42 CDT 2010

I'm not going to date myself, but I will share that I got my start in 
computer work using IBM S/34 and S/36 mini computers.  I did some RPG 
coding and some other things, but at the locations that I worked, there 
was some one else who was taking care of administrative tasks.

Recently, I have become interested in picking up some of these missed 
administration skills and learning more about these systems.

I really don't have the space/power/cooling capabilities to house a full 
sized S/34 or S/36 in my house, so I pointed firefox to yahoo in search 
of something like what Hercules


has done for the mainframe for the home hobbyist.

after a couple hours of Yahoo'ing, I have run across a couple of options.

1. IBM created a Model 5364, which was referred to as either the Desktop 
36 or the Baby 36.  Reference here:


These systems appear to be about the size of a standard PC.  I have no 
idea as to how rare these are, or if they are valuable, or if they would 
be a good learning tool even if someone was to give me one.

2. Option 2.  To confuse the above option, I *believe* from my research, 
that a company called "California Software Products" produced a ms 
windows based System/36 emulator, also called Baby 36.  I understand 
that they also created a similar AS/400 emulator software called Baby 
400.  It appears that "California Software Products" was ultimately 
purchased by another company, and these are the URL's I have found:



I have no idea if this product would meet my requirements, and if 
it/they do, if there is an affordable/hobbyist license for someone to 
use in an at home environment.


I am hoping someone, or multiple people on the list can make comments, 
or have additional pointers for me.



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