[rescue] WTB: SGI (MIPS architecture) Systems

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue May 25 20:38:53 CDT 2010

On Tuesday 25 May 2010, Scott Quinn wrote:
> Another plus for the O3(x) series - default console speed of 38.4Kb.
> Seriously - unless you can get a O200 100% free I'd say go for the
>  O3(x). Faster, more efficient, better thought out. They didn't come
>  in tower config, but it's very hard to find an O200 that still has
>  its tower skins.


I have two O200s that I acquired from different sources - one on eBay, 
one from a surplus store - which both came with tower skins.  Of course, 
I promptly removed them so that I could put them in a more useful rack 
config. :)

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