[rescue] WTB: SGI (MIPS architecture) Systems

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Tue May 25 19:11:47 CDT 2010

Quoth Scott Quinn ...

> My Tandem-badged Challenge came home in a Volvo 240 :). 

And a fully-laden one it was, too!

> Hardware-wise it's an Everest box, no special Tandem hardware 
> there. It did, supposedly, ship with a software package from 
> Tandem that improved reliabililty/availability, but that was 
> long gone when I got the box (though the increase in the 
> hardware specs over the original box was substantial).

All that was long-gone when I got it.

I believe it started life at Qwest, though doing what, I have no idea.  It
went from there to some small college over in Seattle, then though a couple
of pairs of hands and into mine.

When I got it, it still had a 2 GB HVD root disk ($9600 in the 1995 SGI
catalog!), a 4-proc ID19 board, and 512 MB RAM spread over 2 boards.
Someone had installed IRIX 6.5.xn afresh, but it was pretty much
unconfigured beyond that. 

I improved it a little over the years, or at least I hope so.  It's a great


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