[rescue] Sun Fire v480

James C james at frantech.ca
Tue May 25 15:19:57 CDT 2010

Anybody have experience with using one of these machines? I've got 
FreeBSD 8 installed on it right now and it works like a charm. However 
I'm unlucky enough to be stuck with a buggy centreplane and the onboard 
ethernet (2x Sun Cassini) is useless, which is a real shame because it's 

I want to rack it up but the datacenter I have racks at only gives me 15 
amps per rack. Documentation lists 8.6A max usage under load for this 
box, but I doubt it's actually using anywhere nearly that much, even 
with 4 CPUs and 16GB RAM. If somebody has one and a way to check the 
amperage usage I'd appreciate it, I haven't got a good ammeter handy 
(the one I have is horribly horribly inaccurate).

I also haven't figured out a good way to reset the password on the RSC. 
I'd assume it'd be quite easy through Solaris and Google backs me up on 
that, but I haven't been able to get my Solaris install media to work 
(or any other DVDs for that matter, even though it IS a DVD drive). If 
somebody could enlighten me with this that'd be much appreciated as well!

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