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Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue May 25 15:11:20 CDT 2010

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> > Damn, beat me by one rack... :-)
> I have a sixth Onyx2 rack that I loaned to a friend (ok, so, I didn't have
> enough space in the basement) and an Origin 2000 rack also. Plus an Onyx2
> deskside, but it's only got the null-router boards, of course.

- 4 rack Reality Monster
- Challenge XL
- Onyx XL
- Iris 4D/480
- 2 deskside Onyx
- deskside Crimson
- 2 Iris 4D/310
- 2 Personal Iris
- 1 CDC Cyber branded Personal Iris
- 2 Indigo
- 3 Indigo^2
- 15 Octane (most were free)
- 2 O2
- 2 Indy

I'm still looking for the 1st generation terminal hardware.

> On the upside, I'm finally getting a building where I can display them all
> nicely and, gasp, power them up. 40x40 insulated building with, at the
> moment, 100A of 220v. But I live out in the sticks where people have bin
> dryers and the like, so I should be able to get a bigger feed without too
> much trouble.

Mine are stored in a warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City (anyone who
wants to visit, email me).  We're renting right now, looking for a
more permanent space, so I haven't done much more than store them.  I
don't feel like building out power and other physical infrastructure
for a place I know we're not going to stay in permanently.

I need to get some pictures taken and upload them to a photo album for
others to see that aren't local.
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