[rescue] WTB: SGI (MIPS architecture) Systems

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Sat May 22 18:27:45 CDT 2010

alaric at metrocast.net writes:

>Holy crap.  I just looked for Tezros on eBay out of curiosity, and
>they're running anywhere from $2100 BIN for a 4x700 with V12 graphics,
>2GB RAM, 73GB disk and DVD drive, to $75000 BIN for a 4x800 with V12,
>3GB, 1TB Stone Storage (whatever that is; it's new to me), 24" monitor
>and a Wacom tablet.

>A couple of those listings mentioned 'discreet smoke', 'discreet flame'
>... what *are* those?  They sound like codenames for military operations
>to me.  I could TOTALLY see a covert op being codenamed Discreet Smoke.

That explains the price. You're buying the software, and it comes
packaged in a desktop workstation.

Smoke and flame are the software packages that Hollywood uses to
generate CG smoke and flame. Very specialized, very lacking in
significant competition, very expensive.

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