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" > " In some ways I'm surprised by MacOS, the Leopard scheduler degrades
" > nicely
" > " under load, even though it was designed for a single user workstation.
" > 
" > did apple actually write it themselves, or did they inherit it with
" > the mach microkernel?  that would have roots in big iron.
" Avie Tevanian, former head of software at NeXT, Chief Software Technology
" Officer at Apple until 2006, was one of the original authors of the Mach
" kernel at CMU.  However what Apple evolved from the Mach kernel isn't
" really the quite the Mach kernel anymore, it's really the XNU kernel,
" because it's changed significantly in some ways.  (If I were to take a stab
" at one of the reasons OS X degrades gracefully under pressure, the I/O Kit
" driver architecture is probably a significant contributor, and is unique to
" the XNU kernel among operating systems.)  You can read more here:
" http://osxbook.com/book/bonus/ancient/whatismacosx//arch_xnu.html

aha!  thanks.

i see that mach 3.0 is still in there, and freebsd, and it does appear
to use the mach scheduler.

from my low-level knowledge of programming, the i/o kit does indeed
look pretty clever - a natural match to the object-oriented paradigm.

" and there's a talk here:
" http://chaosradio.ccc.de/24c3_m4v_2303.html
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