[rescue] WTB: SGI (MIPS architecture) Systems

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri May 21 09:52:54 CDT 2010

> I doubt I'll ever have a setup capable of 220v/230a, although my lifelong
> dream is to one day own a PDP-11. I do have a lot of space available though
> (my basement is empty and unfinished and my roommates aren't using
> anything). I am as interested in the preservation of these types of machines
> as I am in using them. I am not sure if I could use it, but if its that or
> he is going to throw it away, I'd definitely take it. (Provided it could fit
> in a 4Runner)

Ah. Where I live the houses are not only overpriced in comparison to the 
job market, but they are basementless, due to a high water table. The 
building I live in has a basement, and it ended up with 2' of water in it 
after the last noreaster storm rolled through.

> Being in the basement, I do have a dedicated 15amp 110v circuit. Honestly
> this would be like exactly the type of thing I am looking for. In addition
> to assembly programming, another of my interests is multithreaded
> applications/distributed computing and things like MPI and PVM.


> And frankly, the thought of being able to operate a relative 'supercomputer'
> and having access to it whenever I want makes me a bit giddy. :)
> I appreciate anything you'd do for me, and I'd definitely drive down there
> and buy you a beer/dinner.

Sounds like a plan! I've got the Onyx, it should have at least 2GB of RAM, 
I have drive sleds, 2nd complete video card set, quad R4400 200mhz cpu 
board (It should have R10Ks in it).

I think I bought the Onyx from NASA for $666.66 and then ended up with 
lots of extra parts.

I've given away two Challenge XL machines locally, and these things have a 
habit of coming back to me.

The large SGI machines weigh very little compared to IBM (and Cray). They 
are probably the most friendly large boxes.

When I had the Onyx up and running, it was plugged into a normal outlet in 
the living room. I just spread the dedicated 15 amp thing as a precaution.


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