[rescue] UnOracle patches for Solaris (Sandwich Maker)

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Thu May 20 22:16:36 CDT 2010

 Unfortunately it is substantially cheaper. The normal solution in the
PC world is to simply throw more and more CPUs and CPU power against
the problem in order to manage it. I am presently overseeing the
decommissioning of all my employer's Sun Sparc servers and seeing them
replaced with crappy windoze ones. Their argument is that as it is so
hard to find Unix sysadmins, it is better to utilise windoze and
employ windoze drones. They don't seem to appreciate that in doing so,
they are essentially setting their infrastructure back 10 years as far
as processing goes. Nor do they understand that if they create a
demand for Unix sysadmins they will find more appearing to fill it.

 Sun, ooops, Oracle of course does not help matters when they charge
four to five times the cost of those seductively cheaper i64 servers
that are dangled in front of the boss's eyes all the time.

 Sorry, just having a bit of a whinge, thats all. :-/


 Brian Ross

 On Fri 21/05/10 07:51 , Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net sent:
 On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 07:43:46PM -0400, Jonathan J. M. Katz wrote:
 > On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 7:38 PM, Michael Thompson
michael.99.thompson at gmail.com [1]> wrote:
 > > > what's the ss5-cray interface, sbus card?
 > >
 > > Thinwire Ethernet.
 > >
 > I thought it was HIPPI to the CS6400 and CM5? I have cobwebs
between my ears
 > on that these days.

 I thought it was a variant of JTAG to the CS6400. Google pulls up
 to SunHelp, Wikipedia, and other places that support that.

 I have no clue what a CM5 used, but I doubt it was HIPPI.

 I also don't know what a J90 used, but since HIPPI was supposed to be
 option, I don't think it was HIPPI. The J90 boots from an IOS (a VME
 SS5 BTW), and I suspect that the IOS netboots from the SS5.
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