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Thu May 20 22:01:23 CDT 2010

" From: Nemo <cym224 at gmail.com>
" Here is a story of a wholly subjective comparison of Sparc versus
" Intel.  I had a U10 (440 MHz and 1 GiB) running Sol 10 as well as an
" IBM PC (~500 MHz and 1 GiB) running SuSE under my desk.  I was
" compiling a patched gcc 4.1.2 (for a language that used the gcc
" front-end) and needed to compile a patched gdb as well.  Both were
" compiling on the U10 and I was editing with emacs as they trudged
" along.  I thought: Why not try that on the PC?  The dual compilation
" brought the PC to its knees with a noticeable delay between the typing
" of a character and its appearance on the screen.  Compilation on the
" U10 finished long, long before that on the PC.  (I know. I know.  The
" PC architecture is crippled, still...)

i'd venture to surmise that s10 is way more polished at multitasking
than linux.  s10 x86 vs. linux would be illuminating...
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