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>> Of course, this leaves open the question of why mail marked
>> charset="us-ascii" but full of DC3 and DC4 characters was even
>> accepted, much less passed along.

> Since when are DC3 and DC4 not ASCII characters?

Oh, they're ASCII, or I would have said "0x13 and 0x14 octets" rather
than "DC3 and DC4 characters".  They just aren't _printable_ ASCII.

> They may be control characters, but so are TAB/LF/CR which are
> normally just passed along.

TAB has a special case exception.  0x13 and 0x10 octets aren't really
CR and LF characters and should not be "just passed along"; they are
permitted only in the CRLF combination, and that indicates a line
ending, not CR and LF characters.

As RFC 2046 puts it:

   The complete US-ASCII character set is listed in ANSI X3.4- 1986.
   Note that the control characters including DEL (0-31, 127) have no
   defined meaning in apart from the combination CRLF (US-ASCII values
   13 and 10) indicating a new line.  Two of the characters have de
   facto meanings in wide use: FF (12) often means "start subsequent
   text on the beginning of a new page"; and TAB or HT (9) often (though
   not always) means "move the cursor to the next available column after
   the current position where the column number is a multiple of 8
   (counting the first column as column 0)."  Aside from these
   conventions, any use of the control characters or DEL in a body must
   either occur

    (1)   because a subtype of text other than "plain"
          specifically assigns some additional meaning, or

    (2)   within the context of a private agreement between the
          sender and recipient. Such private agreements are
          discouraged and should be replaced by the other
          capabilities of this document.

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