[rescue] what is this piece of Digital stuff?

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Mon May 17 17:07:03 CDT 2010

Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> I have a large-ish card,
> Digital LPWR GS-2
> are the markings on it.  Has some ports on one side, but no large VAXBI
> or other interface connector on the end you would usually expect it to have.

Describing the ports might help. Description and count of whatever other 
connectors are on it might help as well - an X-pin Berg connector, or 
X-wide row of headers on the non-component side, etc.

I'm guessing the LPWR is a "silk screened" marking under the top layer 
of board material, seems to be a standard practice on most DEC boards 
I've seen from the UNIBUS/BI/QBus era. You can often find a 2-5-2 
pattern part number ("01-23456-78") rendered similarly somewhere else on 
the board - you've probably already checked, but worth mentioning just 
in case...


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