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Wow, for the users of older Mac OS systems, this could be a boon: plenty
of early-Internet software in this old FTP site.

- Will
Will Enestvedt

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Old Info-Mac Digests Come Back Online
  by Adam C. Engst <ace at tidbits.com>
  article link: <http://db.tidbits.com/article/11255>

  Dan Palka, who took over the Info-Mac name and domain when I shut
  down the original Info-Mac nearly five years ago (see "The Info-Mac
  Network Retires," 19 December 2005), tells me that he and a bunch of
  contributors have now brought almost the entire collection of
  Info-Mac Digests back online in a modern system. The end result is a
  largely complete archive of postings from 1984 through 2002,
  collected from a variety of different sources. The main holes occur
  in 1992 and in 1995, so if you have Info-Mac Digests from those
  years, let the current Info-Mac folks know or tell me and I'll pass
  things on.


  I'm a great believer in making old information available, not so
  much because it's useful in the way that current information is, but
  because you can never anticipate just how you'll want to use it. For
  instance, we've been asked a number of times about when certain
  software came out, because if it was before a particular date, it
  would qualify as prior art in invalidating a patent (and these
  patents are almost always for something painfully obvious). If
  there's something in the Mac past that you've been wondering about,
  you can search all the old Info-Mac Digests.


  Along with all this newly restored historical information (the
  Info-Mac Archive of software is also back online and searchable,
  with files last added as of 2005), the modern Info-Mac comprises a
  discussion forum, blog, industry headline list, classified ad
  section, and buyer's guide.


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