[rescue] speaking of Sun firmware

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 8 00:10:49 CDT 2010

With the Oracle aquisition (assimilation?) of Sun, I should have been 
more diligent about
grabbing stuff (like firmware)... but wasn't.... bad me....

So, I have the following boxes, and if anyone has pointers to, or copies 
of the last released
firmware for them, I'd appreciate it...

Ultra 1 170E
Ultra 2
Ultra 60
Ultra 10
SunBlade 2000
SunBlade 2500 (red, not silver)
and if it had upgradable firmware, SparcServer 1000E (although that 
probably uses an
EPROM I'd think)


-- Curt

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