[rescue] Oracle making just a little harder to keep old machines in use

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri May 7 09:09:27 CDT 2010

>   Linux gets quite a few things right, or at least it used to.
> I tried, successfully, to install CentOS on a rather new IBM PC
> I have at home recently and came away apalled from the experience.
> Linux used to be a streamlined OS that one could install on most
> "old" hardware and it'd outperform anything from Redmond -- this

I used to think of BSD is for those that like Unix, Linux is for the 
Windows haters. I was never that impressed with Linux, but FreeBSD went 
downhill so now you're kind of screwed both ways.

Also, OS X probably hurt the open source unixes pretty badly.

If I have to pick a Linux, it's debian for projects and CentOS for biz.

> use of hardware resources.  It took TWO DAYS to get CentOS to install
> on a system with 96MB of mainstore -- an embarrassment considering
> what was standard a few years ago.

... put that back in the dumpster or run Linux .97 on it for laughs?

> does).  No problem.  My issue is the inclusion of too bloody much
> in the kernel, and from the looks of things with Linux at the moment,
> the sky's lhe limit!

Yea. It's a mess.

Trying to mess with EMC2 lately, Linux based CNC routing software. Pre-req 
list longer than hell, trying to run it on Ubuntu, and in the end there is 
some buried wiki page that says any attempt to upgrade an ubuntu system 
will likely break a running system. Quality.

Bad software is bad software I guess.

> it or not, is almost inextricably wedded to x86.  I do not like mono-
> cultures, and, put bluntly, the Intel monoculture bothers me; one,
> just one, cross-OS virus that can access deep code has the potential

My friend, let me introduce you to NetBSD. I think you and NetBSD will get 
a long greatly :-) Seriously. It's missing some things, but does others 
very right.

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