[rescue] Oracle making just a little harder to keep old machines in use

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Thu May 6 09:00:31 CDT 2010

Mark Brown <sunrescue at marknmel.com> wrote:
> Linux really lacks a great filesystem and volume management, imo.
> Had Sun releasesed ZFS as GPL.... I may have become a penguin fanboy.
> /M

Don't forget that, for production use, VxFS is always a good option.
That's available on Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX.  Supports huge
filesystems, database loads, advanced tuning, and shared writing by
multiple systems, simultaneously.  Also has many years of real-world
usage to show that it is reliable enough to store your data.  I still
hear about data loss scenarios, with ZFS, so that's worth
consideration.  VxFS paired with VxVM is a winning combination.

Not a good home solution, due to cost, I will admit.

- Alex

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