[rescue] Oracle making just a little harder to keep old machines in use

Derrik Walker v2.0 lorddoomicus at mac.com
Wed May 5 20:49:24 CDT 2010

On May 5, 2010, at 7:07 PM, stephen price wrote:

> "the Intel and Linux Cool-Aid"
> yep - got it rammed into me recently 

I'm afraid I drank it over a decade ago ... and it saved my career from Windoze ( which I can say I have NEVER once had to install, or re-install or what ever ;)

Yes, I sometimes miss IRIX, Solaris and HPUX, but it still beats Wincrap.

And for the record I Mostly use Macs at home and for my work laptop.  Mac OS X is a decent UNIX platform.  I do have a Linux server, and got my son an EEE and put Fedora 12 on it for him last x-mas.

- Derrik 

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