[rescue] DEQNA, was Re: I want a VAX

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed May 5 02:16:44 CDT 2010

Ian Finder wrote:
> So if I remember, it works, but it's whichever model isn't supported by
> anything- DEQNA if I recall, which doesn't work on any version of VMS I have
> (or netbsd, if I recall). I think DEQLA is the good one- might have them
> switched around though.

The DEQNA (M7504) is the older Q-bus Network Adapter (QNA... get it?). 
As with most DEC cards, there were various Engineering Change Orders 
(ECOs) that corrected problems identified over the service life of the 
option -- these can make a huge difference in the reliability of a 
system using one. The later card is the DELQA (M7516), in at least -M 
and -YM variants. The -YM is the faster/better/stronger option for 
reasons I've long since forgotten.

Looks like DEC withdrew support for the DEQNA in VMS 5.5, but earlier 
versions of VMS 5 should support it and are entirely period-appropriate 
for a MicroVAX II. If NetBSD or OpenBSD won't support the DEQNA, you 
might want to see if you can scrounge up Ultrix v3 or v4.

I remember troubleshooting a problem with a LAVC that had something like 
a half-dozen VS2000s with local swap drives booting off a MicroVAX II or 
III that I believe used a DEQNA under v5. It all worked, but if I let 
more than one or two VS2000s boot at the same time there was a pretty 
good chance I'd take down the MicroVAX...


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