[rescue] FS: Timex Sinclair 1000 in original box, mostly complete, with TS 2040 printer

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue May 4 20:21:05 CDT 2010

In article <72942396-4F63-4825-8ED3-AB2F3E0183D7 at mac.com>,
    "Derrik Walker v2.0" <lorddoomicus at mac.com>  writes:

> My first computer was a C-64 with a tape drive. [...]

I think a C=64, even with only cassette for storage, would have been
much more usable.  As it was I think I used this thing for like a
couple of days before the frustrations mounted so high I wanted to fly
to England and personally strangle Sinclair.
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