[rescue] Thanks to Matias, Kyle, and Ian

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon May 3 15:43:19 CDT 2010

> Don't forget to yell 'Whoops!' as it goes down the stairs... That let's 
> everyone know it was an accident (and maybe you can file an insurance 
> claim...)
> Lionel

A few years ago I wanted to move an apple color laserwriter to the trash, 
as well as a tektronix phaser something or other. A friend (who is 
anorexic) was headed over, so I figured he could help.

Before moving the printers I was like sure dude grab that fax machine and 
toss it over there. He was like "Ohhhh man this is so heavy, is this what 
you needed help moving?"

Yeeeeeeaaaa no. At that point I realized asking him for help in moving the 
printer would result in his arms snapping off or something. So I took out 
the consumables (mainly this oil stuff that I think would get all over) 
and then did a controlled fall off my knee onto the floor. Then just 
rolled it, end over end. Plasic parts were flying, and oil was coming out.

Down the stairs it rolled! It was only 4 steps. More plastic shed off. 
Once it was outside I just left it there, and the homeless guy that lives 
in the woods was quick to take it off to a recycling place for cash (I 

The phaser wasn't as bad.

Anorexic dude is even skinnier/weaker now.

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