[rescue] Thanks to Matias, Kyle, and Ian

Matias Atria matrial at optonline.net
Mon May 3 14:27:57 CDT 2010

Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> --- On Mon, 5/3/10, Weiss Andrew <rumbeard at mac.com> wrote:
>> Almost everything is gone.
>> I have Sridhar's 600W case
> And I now have a VAX 6660! And a sore back. I hope that Matias was able to get that AS/400 out of the car without killing himself or his brother...

I made it back without incident. Getting the AS/400 out of the car was 
surprisingly easy, took only a couple of minutes to unload everything.

Now I need to figure out how to take it from the garage to the basement 
without an extra pair of hands. Probably piece by piece.


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