[rescue] wanted (modern part): Core 2 Duo or Quad cpu

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 1 00:32:22 CDT 2010

I know this isn't classic... but it is modern 'rescue' (as this was 
destined for the

I don't want to spend much change on this for fear it could have some 
(I did test this on a borrowed processor for a short time and it seemed 

Hoping you or your work, a friend, etc might have a Core 2 Duo or Quad 
for a faster/larger cache/etc CPU...

If you do, let me know what you have and what your looking to get for it....

Later if the system is stable, I hope to get a 12M cache Quad CPU... 
.but that's
outside the budget for unverified hardware :-)


-- Curt

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